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Day 1

Welcome from MC
11:40 Monday 04Mar
Artificial Intelligence in the Media Sector
12:00 Monday 04Mar
The Journey to Multi-model AI Governance
12:10 Monday 04Mar
Welcome from MC
12:15 Monday 04Mar
Opening Remarks
12:25 Monday 04Mar
Gauge Against the Machine
13:00 Monday 04Mar
Insights from Pioneers in Innovation and Navigating the Future of AI
13:10 Monday 04Mar
Tracing Milestones That Transformed the Digital Mind
14:00 Monday 04Mar
Empowering Future through Innovation, From AI towards Artificial General Intelligence
14:30 Monday 04Mar
The Gap Between Advertising and the Consumer in the World of Artificial Intelligence
14:30 Monday 04Mar
The New Era of Generative AI
14:50 Monday 04Mar
Saudi Startup Ecosystem Unveiled: Navigating the Opportunities for Global Entrepreneurs
12:30 Monday 04Mar