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Dr. Seth Dobrin
Founder & CEO, Qantm AI

Dr. Seth Dobrin, a distinguished leader in artificial intelligence (AI), is the founder and CEO of Qantm AI. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Dobrin's innovations include his role as IBM's inaugural Global Chief AI Officer, bringing a human-centered approach to AI strategies in complex business landscapes. As Chief Data Officer at IBM's Software Group, he championed business modernization through data-driven insights. 

Dr. Dobrin is a respected advocate for responsible and inclusive AI, earning accolades like AIConics Innovator of the Year and recognition among the Top 10 Most Influential Chief AI Officers in 2023. Holding a Doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology, his multidisciplinary approach guides his work at the intersection of AI, data, and business transformation. He's a champion of diversity in tech, speaking at conferences and industry events and featured in tier-one media outlets like BBC, Forbes, and more. Despite his life sciences background, Dr. Dobrin has gained experience across multiple industries.