Rafe Tariq
Senior Quant, SingularityDAO Labs & Chief Executive Officer, Satchal AI

Ahmed Rafe Tariq  is the Senior Quant at  SingularityDAO, a blockchain protocol designed to manage portfolios of crypto assets in a non-custodial fashion.

Coming from an academic background Rafe is leading the way in GenZ researchers to rival their counterparts by utilising out of the box methodologies to achieve alpha, he specialises in the use of on-chain data into traditional quantitative practices. Whilst his time at  SingularityDAO he has delivered projects on using State of the art in large scale A.I. for predictive modelling, risk management and sentiment aggregation.  He also led been the driving force in the consumption and formulation of the world of on-chain data for internal productization and research efforts.

Prior to that Rafe was researching wildfire prediction using the latest in ML/DL at Imperial College London funded by the Leverhulme wildfire research centre (a collaboration between imperial college and Kings college London) , utilising resources from universities from affected parts of the world including University of California, Davis. Alongside, Rafe founded the British A.I. Collaboration during the resurgence of A.I. DURING THE 2016-2018 cycle as a collaborative platform for Northern England universities in an effort for flexible knowledge transfer between technical and non technical students. 
Starting of as an early mathematics prodigy from northern England (completing his mathematics qualification 5 years ahead of peers at the age of 11), Rafe has sought to specialise and achieve mastery in the latest in AI and blockchain technologies; now pushing the enveloping in defining novel research in the utility of algorithms for on-chain data analytics to fulfil cryptos promise of transparency and democratisation. Concurrently, Rafe has served as a collaborative element in theorising the implementation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) very early in his career alongside Ben Goetzerl, Matt Ikle and Anton Kolonin. Rafe has also closely collaborated and guided researchers form the Boston University (Dr Kenric Nelson) in introducing risk management and readability to data aggregation methods in A.I. 
Rafe holds a Bachelor’s in Science in computer science and a master in artificial intelligence from the University of York.  


PRESENTATION: Open sourcing crypto intelligence using AI

PRESENTATION: Open sourcing crypto intelligence using AI
04:00Thu 9 Feb