Lydia Kostopoulos
Strategy, and Innovation Advisor, Lkcyber

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos is a Strategy, and Innovation Advisor at Lkcyber and Former Senior Vice President of Emerging Tech Insights at KnowBe4. She is a multi-disciplinary professional whose expertise lies at the intersection of strategy, security and emerging technologies. Dr. Kostopoulos brings a systems thinking approach to her work, examining technology opportunities and risks in the context of global macro trends, geopolitics, international economics, climatic factors and demographic change. 

She continues to work with U.S. Special Operations, speaks at NATO events and has worked with the United Nations and the IEEE Standards Body. In the realm of technology ethics she is an advisor for the Data Ethics Consortium for Security and for Ethical Intelligence Associates. Passionate about spreading awareness on emerging technologies, Dr. Kostopoulos makes art about technology and has a multilingual, reflective game on emerging technologies called Sapien 2.0, which explores the human and machine relationship. 


PRESENTATION: Decoupling human characteristics from algorithmic capabilities

PRESENTATION: Decoupling human characteristics from algorithmic capabilities
04:20Wed 8 Feb