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Erica Lee
VP ML Engineering, UpWork

Erica is the VP for Machine Learning at, the #1 global remote talent marketplace. She leads an international applied ML organization that develops: Search & Recommendations, Knowledge Graph, Trust & Safety/Fraud Automation, Marketing Analytics, Experimentation Platform & ML Infrastructure.  

Formerly, Erica was the Director of ML at, the #1 digital real estate marketplace, where she led ML-powered “Neural Zestimate,” underwriting automation, and more.  

Previously, Erica worked at Apple AI, Morgan Stanley, and Harvard Research. She is the Founder of, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing free & sponsored AI education & resources to AI women from AWS, Google, Samsung, Two Sigma Ventures & more.  

Erica is known as an international AI speaker who has spoken at Grace Hopper, Harvard, Stanford, Google, Databricks, ReInvent, TechCrunch, IBM, and NASDAQ.   

Erica lives in LA with her family & enjoys music, fine arts, fashion, health, humanitarian work & spirituality outside of tech.